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Replace light switches & Plug sockets in London

It’s likely that at some point, you will wish to change switches or sockets within your home.

Whether relocating a light switch which has become difficult to access or adding new sockets to cope with modern life, our friendly and experienced electricians will work with you to understand exactly what you require and carry out the work in the safest and most efficient way possible. 

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Our fully qualified electricians stay up to date with the latest electrical regulations and safety measures. 

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For complex works, we are happy to provide a no-obligation consultation to understand your switch and socket requirements. 


We strive to offer the best value for money electricians services in London, and will always provide a clear quote.

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Sockets replacement London

Plug sockets in your home can become damaged or broken for a wide range of reasons. Generally located low down on the walls, sockets can suffer wear and tear if in everyday use. However, a cracked or damaged socket is a hazard and should be replaced as quickly as possible to ensure you and your family’s safety.

 In some instances, your plug sockets may become unusable for other reasons such as blockages within the socket, or the pins from plugs sitting loosely within your plug fitting. In these instances, the interior of the socket may be damaged and will require replacement. 
In cases where you can smell a burning smell, or see black marks around your sockets, get in touch with an electrician immediately. 

Sockets replacement London


Socket Repair

In most cases, sockets will require replacement as opposed to repair. The reason for this is that the internal components of a plug socket do not come with replacement parts, and therefore a new socket is usually required. 

However, there are some instances where sockets can be repaired, such as when the socket has become loose fitting or is too tight for your plugs to fit in. In cases where there is a blockage in your socket, the blockage may be able to be removed.

When plug sockets don’t work at all, it’s generally the case that the issue lies, not in the socket itself, but within the wiring behind the socket – which may have just become dislodged, or may be a sign of a wider issue. 

Our expert London based electricians are trained to identify socket issues and quickly remedy them, ensuring that we offer the most cost-effective and speedy solution for you.

Installing new sockets in your London home

Adding extra sockets within your house or flat can make your home both safer, and also more functional. Modern homes are now equipped with more technology than ever as we all have more devices such as TV’s, gaming consoles, laptops, digital TV boxes and more. Using extension plugs to give power supply to such devices can be dangerous as this can overload your system, and is also unsightly, leading to a number of jumbled wires sitting behind or next to your TV console. 

Installing new sockets in your London home

Installing additional sockets will give your home the functionality that you need, and, if required can be chased directly into a wall, leaving a neat look. You can even reduce the need for yet more sockets by adding sockets with USB sockets attached, reducing the need to plug in charges for items such as phones, kindles and other devices. 

Adding extra sockets may also be necessary for your kitchen. Many older homes were designed when we used fewer kitchen appliances than we do today, so you may find that you are constantly having to unplug things like your toaster or kettle to make way for electric mixing bowls or even your microwave. 

It’s simple and easy for an electrician to install new electric sockets to your home, and our friendly, expert electricians will work with you to ensure that the job is done with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Get in contact with us today to get a quote for socket installation in your London house or flat. 


Move a socket or switch in London

Many of us will need to move a plug socket or light switch at some time. This may be due to wanting to re-arrange the location of your furniture, or because you are undertaking an extension or other building work which makes the existing location of your switches and sockets no longer suitable for your new layout. 
If you need a socket or switch moved in your home, SW Electricians are here to help. Our fully qualified electricians will swiftly and safely work to move one or several sockets and switches, always ensuring that we respect your home. 


How much does it cost to add a new electric socket in London?

The cost of adding a new plug socket to your house or flat will depend on several factors, including the number of sockets to be replaced, the new location of the socket, and the type of socket which you require. This is because the complexity of the work could depend on some of these items. At SW Electricians we are always transparent about our pricing and we promise that we will always offer you the best value for money option for moving or adding a new socket to your London home. 
Get in touch with us today for a bespoke socket installation quote. 

Installing new light switches in your home

New light switches in your home may be needed if you adding new lighting such as a new fitting, or changing to spotlights, or may be required as you want to modernise the look of your home with more contemporary light switches.

Installing new light switches in your home

Adding additional switches can transform the lighting of your home, adding ambience by adding items such as dimmer switches which allow you to control the level of light to a fitting, or more complex lighting switches that allow you to control different areas of rooms such as kitchens where you may be looking to add task lighting, downlights, and ambient lighting. 

Whatever your need for new light switches, SW Electricians can help you. 


Light Switch Repair in London

Gone to switch on your lights and nothing happens? Often when lights will not come on the fault lies within your electricity supply or wiring. However, in some instances, when all else has been eliminated, the fault may lie within (or behind) your light switch itself. 
Wiring can become loose behind the fascia of your socket, and lead to the socket not working as it should. 
At SW Electricians we can help to quickly identify issues with your light switches, repairing them quickly, safely and efficiently.

Smart light switch installation in London

Smart light switch installation in London

Increasingly homeowners are looking at adding smart lighting to their homes. Smart lighting comes in various forms and can be controlled by devices such as your tablet, phone, or in some cases is even voice-activated through a device such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

While many smart light switches can be installed yourself, for your peace of mind and safety it can be a better idea to have a qualified electrician install a smart light switch for you. In some cases, the job may be more complex as not all smart switches are compatible with older circuit types, and in these cases a dimmer switch can be a suitable alternative, allowing you to control the illumination of a room and create ambience. 

If you do have an older circuit type and are looking to use more home automation, it may be worth considering re-wiring some parts of your home. 

SW Electricians are experts in smart home electricals and will work with you to get your home automated so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new smart lighting.


USB Socket Installation

Most of us will have a range of electrical devices that require a USB socket to charge up.USB Socket Installation

From phones to Kindles, via other gadgets such as Fitbit and speakers. When we want to charge these devices it takes up a plug socket which you may want to use for another home appliance.

Therefore increasingly people are adding sockets which have a SUB charger socket included.

SW Electricians can help you to install these new plug sockets, making charging a piece of cake! 

Outside lighting and socket installation

If you have a garden, you have most probably considered adding lighting and sockets to help you to make the most of your outside space. You may wish to have outdoor Christmas lights or enjoy lighting up your garden in the summer months to enjoy outside entertaining.

Outside london garden lighting

Outdoor sockets can assist not only with tasks such as mowing your lawn but can also mean that you can enjoy music outside or electric patio heating.

 Whatever your outside lighting and socket needs, SW Electricians are experts in providing safe, reliable outside electrics which are made to withstand whatever our London weather chooses to throw at us. 


Adding new sockets in a garage or shed. 

Adding new sockets in a garage or shed Increasingly garages are not always used for parking your car. In fact, many of us use our garage or shed to enable us to practice hobbies or undertake work in a space which is separate from the home.

In these instances, you may wish to add additional sockets to your garage, shed or summer house in order that you can have a ready power supply to use things such as computers, tools or other devices. 

Whatever your requirements, SW Electricians will help you to get a fully functional power supply to the area so that you can enjoy your extra space. 

Adding an electric car charging point in your London home

Adding an electric car charging point in your London homeMany car owners are now switching to cars which are fully electric or a hybrid.

While these cars can be charged on a standard plug socket, most electric car owners will benefit from installing a specialised electric charging point, which allows for much speedier charging and can be more energy efficient.

We can help you to install your electric car charging point or even just an additional socket in a place of your choosing.

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  • House Rewiring
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  • Smoke and Fire Alarms
  • Fitting New Lights
  • Additional Sockets Installation
  • Partial or full Kitchen wiring
  • Cooker points
  • Switchers and Dimmers
  • Consumer Units / Fuse boxes
  • Garden Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting / Sockets
  • Domestic rewiring
  • Landlord Electrical Certificates
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Smart home installation
  • Commercial rewiring
  • Electrical inspection
  • Car charging points 
  • Ambient lighting 
  • Sound system installation 

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